My first beer - the starter kit

I bought my kit online at where I sent for their Complete Starter Kit (I paid GBP 59.95). It contained:
  • Fermentation bucket
  • 40 pint barrel
  • Brewer's paddle (a long-handled spoon)
  • Sterilising powder
  • Syphon
  • Hydrometer
  • Beer kit (malt extract, hop powder, yeast packet and instructions)
I found it had everything I needed to start brewing. There wasn't an overall guide to starting off, but as I'd already read a book on brewing (Homebrewing for Dummies, ISBN 0764550462), I was reasonably comfortable. The sterilising powder and beer kit have instructions printed on them.

The beer kit that usually comes with this is either Woodforde's Wherry or Admiral's Reserve.

Kit with additional brewing book Woodforde's Real Ale Pack fermentation bucket keg Sterilisation Powder Syphon tube