My Fourth beer - the IPA

Homebrew 004 is an IPA (likely gravity on the light side, so not as strong as many IPAs). I've been meaning to create an IPA for a while now so I'm quite excited about this one.

I used up the majority of Styrian Goldings hops I've had hanging around in a sealed bag in my fridge to provide bitterness, and in typical IPA style, added some Cascade hops I bought recently to provide the citrus kick.

  • 3 x 500g bag of Muntons Light DME (unhopped).
  • 60g Styrian Goldings for 1 hour (the duration of the mash).
  • 60 g Cascade for 10 mins at the end of the mash.
  • 2 x hop bag (one for each type of hop).
  • 1 x sachet of Nottingham yeast (activated in warm water 10 mins before use).
As with my last couple of brews, this brews 12.5 litres of beer (half the fermenting bucket's capacity).

The mashing time was one hour - I mashed with 6 litres of boiling water, and added three bags of light DME, and a hop bag filled with 60g of Styrian Goldings hops. The hop bags should be boiled along with some water in a spare pan for 10 mins before using them. They get hot (boiling!) so be careful once you've tipped the water out. The hop bags should be filled with the hops and a knot tied in them tightly - you'll only use the bag once so it's not a problem.

After 50 mins, I added a second hop bag with 60g of Cascade hops into the wort.

10 mins later, I cooled the wort down to 60 degrees farenheight (15 degrees celsius) and topped up with cold water up to 12.5 litres - I then took my hydrometer reading (I'd sterilised the hydrometer also of course) - 1.025 was the reading.

Ten minutes before I added (pitched) the yeast into the wort, I activated it by emptying the contents of the packet into a small bowl of warm water. It's not essential to do this but it's generally more effective if you've "woken" your yeast up before using it.