My second beer - using dried malts and hops

My second brew, Brew 002 (a pale ale) is a slight step up the difficulty scale compared to my first brew, the kit ale. The main three things that are different are:
  • I'm using DME instead of LME
  • I'm only brewing 20 pints
  • I'm using real hops
The biggest change of those three is the quantity. Normally, recipes look typically to produce 5 gallons (UK) which is about 40 pints. As I'm trying to do as much brewing as possible, I don't have the capacity for a series of brews that need 40 beer bottles each and as well as that, much as I enjoy the flavour of beer, I don't drink that much beer, hence the need to reduce the quantity.

From what I've been told, you simply need to half the water, malt and hops (but not the yeast). My previous brew didn't involve much more than adding the LME and hop powder and yeast into a brewtub with 40 pints of water and stir but as this is a more involved brew, in that it's not a kit, I need to actually boil wort this time. So in short, it's more complex but I feel like a real brewer now.

Ingredients: 1.5kg of light dried malt extract, 70g Fuggles, 25g Styrian Goldings.