About this site

You may not believe this, but last year I was a lager drinker. Virtually everyone I knew drank lager.

I drank it more out of habit than any great desire for the taste of it. I got into beer almost by accident - the next village along to mine started up an annual beer festival, and I went to the first one.

One thing that struck me there was just how much variety there was in beer compared to lager. Over time I started trying the odd beer in my local and eventually I stopped drinking lager on nights out entirely (unless of course a curry is involved!)

I attended some other local beer festivals and felt inspired by the profusion of microbreweries that are producing some great beers - may be I could one day join in? Well, if I'm ever to do that, I'll have to learn to brew my own beer first, and before I could do that, I'd have to research how to go about homebrewing. All I could find was a number of online homebrew shops and sites that were very technical. What didn't seem to exist was a site for people like me - people who like to see pictures of what's happening and read clear guides that don't start off too technical.

It is of course possible to get extremely technical about how to homebrew beer, but the aim of this site is to chart my adventures in brewing as I move towards my plan to start my own microbrewery.